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Home Insurance

As your dedicated Western Financial Group licensed brokers in Prince George, British Columbia, we provide you the right home insurance solutions at the best value. Let our professionals be the go-to home insurance experts you require for products and services today and as your needs change.

Whether you’re seeking home insurance, updating your policy or requiring coverage for your condo, seasonal property, your needs as a renter or tenant etc. our strong personal lines team is here for you. Learn more about our broker location in Prince George, British Columbia today.

Starting with the basics. What does home insurance include?

Your peace of mind typically begins with a comprehensive, all-risk policy that also covers detached structures on your property. At Western, we know each home is different, and so is your coverage.

One thing is certain — we’re serious when it comes to keeping your home properly insured. If you’ve provided accurate details about your home and the cost to rebuild after an insured loss is higher than what you’re protected for, you’ll be covered for the full cost of the rebuild.

This is called guaranteed replacement cost. Your home is one of your biggest assets after all.

If you were to experience an insured loss on your property, your home insurance would also cover additional living expenses, if you had to stay in a hotel or rent elsewhere during your rebuild.

Speak to your Western Financial Group broker in Prince George today about additional coverages for earthquakes, floods, overland water damage, sewer back up and exterior glass (windows or railings).

Knowledge and expertise

Our insurance brokers access a wide suite of partner companies to ensure your coverage is the right fit. We place tremendous importance on the relationships we build with you and yours.

Many changes occur in a household over the course of a year — we all know this. You may have updated your hot water tank or furnace, increased your home’s square footage or finally finished that new roof.

In knowing that renovations or changes can affect your policy, maintaining lines of communication with your broker is key. Up-to-date info helps ensure we’re always providing you the right insurance.

Savings and discounts

Opportunities exist for you to save on your home insurance. If your house is new, there may be discounts available to you, same with policyholders who are claims and/or mortgage free.

Loyalty to your brokerage and insurance company can also lead to savings. If you’re a mature resident, our experts are available to help teach you at what age discounts begin at.

Our team in Prince George can also help secure discounts if you have a fire/burglary alarm.

Learn more about our broker location in Prince George, British Columbia today.