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As Western Financial Group, our insurance partners offer savings on car/truck insurance through the products we carry. Learning about important insurance discounts can save you money. Your licensed Western insurance experts will help you take advantage of car/truck insurance discounts.  


Here are some ways that Western can help you save money

Bundling Home and Car/Truck Policies

At Western, we encourage the bundling of car/truck and home insurance as well as multi-vehicle policies. Ask your Western insurance expert about the car/truck policy that’s best for you.

  • Most insurance companies will provide the multi-policy discount ahead of time with the guarantee that as your car/truck insurance comes up for renewal, it will be moved to the same company.
  • Some insurance companies could add additional optional coverages at no additional premium if your home and car/truck policies are packaged.
  • Do you have additional vehicles at home? If they’re insured under the same policy, you’ll pay less money on your premium with a multi-vehicle discount.
Loyalty Discount

We encourage clients to remain with the same insurance company for an extended period. Loyalty discounts are available and the savings they offer are important.

Car/Truck Safety
  • Western’s insurance partners could provide discounts for vehicle safety features such as automatic braking and lane departure warning. Call to see if snow tire discounts are available.
  • Reduce your potential for hit and runs and vandalism by parking in a driveway. You’ll also save on weather-related losses by parking in a garage. Retain your claims free status and there could be discounts available.
New and Mature Drivers
  • If you’re a new driver, consider optional driver training to save on your premium.
  • If you have years of driving experience, inquire about mature drivers’ discounts.

A portion of your car/truck insurance premium is determined by where your vehicle is garaged. Premiums can vary depending if you live in an urban or rural setting.

  • It’s important for drivers moving from one province to another to inquire and get your insurance and license changed over.
  • Differences exist between provincial insurance, so it’s important to ensure your vehicle is rated for the province in which you reside. 
Job Change

If your job has changed, and with it your driving requirements, reach out to your Western Financial Group insurance expert to ensure your car/truck insurance policy is rated accordingly.


Ensure the deductibles on your car/truck policy are right for you.