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Skilled trades and contractor insurance

You’re one click away from a FAST and easy contractor insurance quote. One form. One price; it’s that simple.

We’re the right contractor insurance brokers you need for your business.

Contractor insurance built for your business

Searching online for the right contractor insurance coverage? If you’re an electrician, plumber, architect, mechanic, builder, consultant, welder etc., Western Financial Group, Canada’s Insurance Broker, has options to provide exactly what you need. Plus, our licensed brokers will help you understand each coverage - that’s a promise.

Secure your business with commercial general liability

From small incidents to large ones, as a contractor, you need to have the right commercial general liability (CGL). With commercial general liability, your business will be protected from financial losses if you were ever to be found liable for injury claims or property damage against third parties on or off premises.

Protect your tools against vandalism and theft

We make insurance easy. Cover your business as a contractor today against loss or damage to property and contents (ie. tools etc). Speak to a licensed insurance broker at Western Financial Group to learn more about securing your business against fire, theft or vandalism.

Insure your contractor vehicle

Western Financial Group can cover all aspects of your business. On the road for your job? If you use your car/truck for work or if you have several work vehicles, they need to be insured with a commercial vehicle policy. Your personal car insurance will not cover your vehicles when used for business.

You’re one click away from a FAST and easy contractor insurance quote. One form. One price; it’s that simple.

Frequently asked questions:


Why do I require commercial general liability as a contractor?

The most important type of insurance you need as a contractor is often commercial general liability, which acts as protection from many possible financial losses (ie. liability claims related to accidents at work such as injury to a third party or property damage). A single accident can result in a liability lawsuit that you may not be able to recover from financially. Commercial general liability covers risks like:

  • Injury to another person who is not your employee.
  • Damage to someone’s property.
  • Damage to rented property.
  • Medical bills if someone is injured.
  • Legal and settlement costs of liability lawsuits filed against you.
  • Liability lawsuits related to libel and slander.

General liability insurance is well worth the investment. Handyman and contractor businesses should never be without it. Your premium will depend on factors such as how many employees you have, what projects you take on, your income, location and how experienced you are.

Could you tell me more about commercial vehicle insurance for contractors?

Commercial vehicle insurance is similar to your personal car insurance policy and covers:

  • Third-party liability, which covers injury and property damage to another person.
  • Accident benefits, which is coverage that assists you if you are injured in an accident.
  • Collision, which covers damage to your vehicle if it is in a collision with another car or object.
  • Comprehensive, which covers damage to your vehicle not related to a collision such as theft, fire, vandalism, and hail.

You’re one click away from a FAST and easy contractor insurance quote. One form. One price; it’s that simple.