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Proud to be your neighbours in Lethbridge, our Western Financial Group — Canada’s Insurance Broker — branch team (Mayor Magrath Drive) is available for your home insurance solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into your first home or renewing your policy, we’re the one-stop insurance shop you’ve been searching for when it comes to home insurance.

Guided by our desire to pair best-in-class customer service with unbeatable advice, our Lethbridge team has the expertise you need for your peace of mind now and in the future.

Ask us about our product offerings

Any place where you hang your hat and want insurance for is a big deal, whether you call a house, condo, apartment or seasonal property your home. We have options for any roof over your head.

Keeping your home properly insured is our business. Yet, we need your help to provide accurate details about your house. We’re insurance teachers — inquire and learn from your Western broker.

“We take insurance seriously and are committed to providing our customers with superior coverage,” Kelsie Bowen Preete, our Lethbridge Branch Manager, explained.

“We stay on top of continuous industry changes and deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations. That continues to be our focus.”

One thing is certain with home insurance — there is no one-size fits all. Your coverage, typically comprehensive/all-risk, will suit your home and your insurance requirements — that’s a promise.

Maintain those conversations with our brokers

Renovations and changes can affect your home policy, so by keeping our Lethbridge team advised, you’re ensuring our experts can see that you’re covered.

As brokers, we can place your insurance with a tremendous selection of partner companies. By knowing these products inside out, you get what you need from your policy.

Speak to your Western broker in Lethbridge today about additional home insurance coverages for floods, overland water damage, service line, sewer backup and exterior glass (windows or railings).

Opportunities also exist for you to save including showing loyalty to your brokerage and insurance company. You may also qualify for mature resident, new home or claims/mortgage free discounts.

Learn more about our broker location in Lethbridge, Alberta today.