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We’re proud to offer customers peace of mind and help thousands of United Steelworkers (USW) workers secure the right insurance at the best value. Thank you to the USW employees and retirees who continue to choose Western Financial Group brokers in Petawawa and Pembroke for their coverage (formerly EGM Group and subsidiaries).

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Be assured we recognize the value of affordable group insurance for USW, as well as customer care. We appreciate your business and we’re committed to being there for you when and how you need us.

Our teams across Canada go to great lengths to ensure our customers receive the right information from our brokers to make effective coverage choices — that’s our promise to you as brokers.

Whether you’re looking for home insurance, car insurance, extended medical insurance coverage or a policy for a home-based business, we support you with enhanced coverage that suits your needs.

Streamlined claims process

Flexible options are a critical element of the USW insurance service. At Western Financial Group, we present 24/7 claims guidance and help you navigate through the process.

We also work with you in discussion with your insurance provider to mitigate challenges and help serve you a professional claims experience. We care for your needs and want to see you return to normal.

Enhanced savings options

Are you a current or past USW worker? Speak to our Ontario teams in Petawawa or Pembroke about possible cost savings. Consider bundling your home insurance and car insurance with Western. This option is ideal for customers shopping for a comprehensive policy, always at the best value.

Our experts at Western Financial Group have the insurance knowledge you need, as well as access to the industry’s leading insurance partners. 

To learn more, our Western brokers in Ontario, linked below, can serve you best.