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Audrey D.  -  Nanaimo, BC  -  20/10/2020

"Maria, my representative, was very knowledgeable about insurance and provided the information I needed to make the best decisions regarding my coverage needs. Thank you!"

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As our not-for-profit charity for 19 years, the Western Financial Group Communities Foundation has given back over $3.6 million via student bursaries, infrastructure/project grants as well as crisis aid. When you’re with Western, we take your security and community building seriously.

This is why for every new insurance quote between Sept. 21 and Nov. 15, we will, on your behalf, donate $5 to the Foundation. You may also donate through any one of our 184 local branches.

We help communities served by Western Financial Group and its divisions — Western Coast Insurance Services, Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers, Orr & Associates, Axion Insurance and DMW Insurance.

Please ask us about the Foundation when we reach out to serve you.