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Complaints Process

Solid relationships are built on trust and open communication. Western Financial Group (“Western”) is committed to providing clients with exceptional service.  As part of this service, it is important that clients let us know how we are doing and give us the opportunity to resolve any complaints that may arise. 

We want to ensure that your concerns are handled fairly and efficiently. As a result, we encourage clients to provide us with feedback through the following Complaint Handling Procedure. 

STEP 1 – Resolve the Problem at the Source

Your first contact should be with the insurance broker or licensed agent who sold you the specific insurance policy or financial product.  To facilitate the process, we recommend that you have all relevant information available prior to reaching out. 

This information includes, but is not limited to, details of your complaint including policy and/or claim numbers, any supporting documents and important dates, and the names of any employees you have dealt with.

STEP 2 – Contact the Customer Experience Team

If your complaint is not resolved after completing Step 1, you can escalate the matter to our Customer Experience Team.

The Customer Experience Team will speak with you to obtain relevant information and will give you an estimated time frame required to conduct a thorough review of your file.  Upon completing a thorough review of your file and the concerns you have raised, the Customer Experience Team representative will provide you with a clear written response outlining the outcome of any business decision and any further action that can be taken with respect to your concern.

You may contact the Customer Experience Team in the following ways:

Western Financial Group
1010 – 24 Street SE
High River, Ab T1V 2A7


Thank you for continuing to place your trust in Western Financial Group.  

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