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Farm, ranch & crop hail insurance

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We’re the hail insurance experts you need to protect your crops

Our licensed teams across Canada make purchasing hail insurance simple — you don’t have to tell us how busy you are. We’ll ask for your coordinates, the crop type and the value you’d like to be insured for and quote you right away. Protecting your crops means protecting your business — that’s just common sense. Plus, our experts access Canada’s top markets to best place your coverage.

What you need to know about crop hail insurance

Hail is one of Canada’s most expensive hazards. Your crop hail premium is determined by such aspects as the number of acres and the crops you’ve chosen to plant etc. Did you know that hail insurance can also protect your crops from fire? Protecting what you value most is critical, starting with a separate hail insurance policy for your crops and extending to coverages for your farm as well.

Farm and ranch insurance expertise when you need us

Many of our experts have farmed or have family in the industry — we know farm and ranch insurance is incredibly unique. Why? It often combines parts of personal (farmhouse) and business into one policy. Our licensed team will help you understand the coverages and, most importantly, that you’re insured to value. We access products from this country’s top insurance companies to place your ag business.

Farm and ranch insurance explained

Most insurance companies will cover your dwellings, farm buildings, equipment and liability. Speak to one of our brokers today about optional coverages (ie. overland flood, sewer backup, home equipment breakdown and service line). As always, we’ll require full disclosure and detailed information to offer you the policy that best protects your farm and business.

We also offer the following insurance products:

Frequently asked questions:


When is the best time to purchase hail insurance?

Many markets have sales capacity limits. Once they’ve hit that threshold within the year, they can close down early making it impossible to buy any hail insurance from that provider. Purchasing early is important for clients if you’re looking to buy crop hail insurance. Most clients who purchase on a yearly basis typically do so in early to mid-June, yet that fluctuates with crop cycles, rain, growth and sun. It’s ideal to start pulling quotes when your crops are going in — plus, it’s free to quote.

What do I need to know about farm building coverage?

Types of buildings covered by farm & ranch insurance can include quonsets, barns, shops, grain and fertilizer bins, pump houses, as well as sheds (cattle, machine and hay). Building contents are not automatically covered as they are under your dwelling. These must be shown as a separate limit on your policy. Inform your broker on construction details, including type of building construction, foundation, roof and siding materials used and any finishing products (heat, electric or insulation).

What does dwelling coverage include?

Your principle dwelling limit should be reviewed at least every five years or after substantial alterations to ensure accuracy. All other dwellings should also be reviewed at the same time. Your dwelling insurance includes amounts for personal contents, detached private structures and additional living expenses which are based on percentages of the dwelling value.

  • Personal contents include all contents of your home or detached structures yet doesn’t include any farm use items. Ask about increased limits for high value personal items such as jewelry, fine arts, sporting equipment, tack, etc.
  • Detached private structures include detached garages, garden sheds, gazebos etc. Any buildings used for farming must be insured separately.
  • Additional living expense covers your increased cost of living due to a claim, including the cost to rent a place while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Why should I work with a Western broker for my farm & ranch insurance?

Our licensed experts will explain the pros and cons between scheduled and blanket farm machinery and outbuilding forms. We’re committed to you being insured to value. Western Financial Group has experts who will conduct farm visits (new business and renewals). It’s important to understand each individual coverage (liability etc.) and risks you may face. We are available for claims support during office hours — we also have a 24/7 claims line. Our brokers strive to deal with all clients with immediacy.

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