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Our Indoor Growers and Garden Centers Program protects greenhouse, nursery, and garden centre operations following property damage to buildings and contents. This coverage protects business operations due to loss of crops from a natural disaster, fire, explosion, or theft. It also covers property damage or bodily injury of others for which you may be found legally liable or responsible.

What you need to know

The Western Financial Group Indoor Growers and Garden Centers Program covers:

  • Wind and hail damage to polycarbonate and tempered glass greenhouses.
  • Greenhouse contents and crops damaged by theft, fire, vandalism, collapse, and water.
  • Loss of income and incurred expenses required to keep your business going.
  • Explosion or sudden and accidental breakdown of the boiler and other mechanical or electrical equipment.
  • Property damage or injury to others caused by greenhouse operations.

Why you may need it

  • You are the owner of a greenhouse, nursery or garden centre.
  • You want to ensure the continuity of your operation should a disaster or accident occur.
  • You want to protect your business if you are sued for damaging another person's property or causing bodily injury or death.

Indoor Growers and Garden Centres Risk Control Services

As part of the Indoor Growers and Garden Centres Program we offer our Risk Control services in the way of Loss Control Inspections. This value-added service is provided free for customers.

Every business is different with unique challenges and risks. We tailor our inspections to each individual business. Despite best efforts to mitigate risk, there are often things that go overlooked. However, our loss control inspectors are trained to identify these.

We work side by side with our customers to help find solutions to reduce exposure.

Western Financial Group Loss Control Inspections

Accompanied by the customer, our inspectors take notes and photographs of the exterior/interior construction details while touring the facility. Heating, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems get a detailed examination in addition to any possible liability hazards.

Thermal imaging on electrical and mechanical systems is included in Western Financial Group’s inspections. Infrared thermography plays a crucial role in the inspection process as it allows us the ability to prevent future losses.

Once information has been gathered a detailed recommendation letter is constructed and discussed with the customer. This is to help customers be informed when developing their action plans.

Regardless of a greenhouse, nursery or garden centre, Western Financial Group’s Risk Control service is here for you.

As a result of COVID-19 our onsite inspections are currently limited.

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