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Alberta Registry Agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

These services can include vehicle registration, driver licensing and testing, personal property searches and registrations, land title searches, vital statistics searches, Alberta Health Care registration and Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry services.

Not all of our offices offer all the services noted above please check with the office in your area to see which they do offer.


Alix Registries

4924 - 50th Street, Alix, AB

Tel: 403-747-2614

Fax: 403-747-3828


Bashaw Registries

4907 - 50th Street, Bashaw, AB

Tel: 780-372-3584

Fax: 780-372-3053


Bassano Registries

412 - 2nd Avenue, Bassano, AB

Tel: 403-641-3014

Fax: 403-641-4546


Beaverlodge Registries

203 - 10th Street, Beaverlodge, AB

Tel: 780-354-2265

Fax: 780-354-3188

Bow Island

Bow Island Registries

118 - 5th Avenue, Bow Island, AB

Tel: 403-545-2252

Fax: 403-545-2857


Coronation Registries

5016 Victoria Avenue, Coronation, AB

Tel: 403-578-3695

Fax: 403-578-3344


Fairview Registries

10412 - 110th Street, Fairview, AB

Tel: 780-835-5900



Hanna Registries

207 - 2nd Avenue, Hanna, AB

Tel: 403-854-3321

Fax: 403-854-2686


Nanton Registries

2207 - 20th Avenue, Nanton, AB

Tel: 403-646-2900

Fax: 403-646-2240

Turner Valley

Diamond Valley Registries &Licensing

105 - 118 Main Street, Turner Valley, AB

Tel: 403-933-4422

Fax: 403-933-4193


Vermilion Registries

4919 - 50th Avenue, Vermilion, AB

Tel: 780-853-2871

Fax: 780-853-4422