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Western Financial Group Offers Alberta Registry Services  

At 11 of Western’s Alberta locations, we offer registries services on behalf of the Government of Alberta.


What Type of Registry Service Do You Need?

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver licensing and driver testing
  • Alberta Health Care Insurance
  • Land title searches
  • Personal properties searches
  • Vital statistics searches
  • Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation services
  • Corporate services including annual returns and incorporations

Please check with the office in your area to see what registries are provided. Not all offices provide all registry services. Contact one of our offices so that we can guide you to get the registry service you need.

Meet With a Registry Agent

If you need some help or guidance with the registry service you need, please come in to one of our locations and see us. Our registry agents will help you find what you need. Some services can be completed online, reach out to your local registry office for more information.

Vehicle Registration and Drivers’ Services: You can book a driver’s test, renew your license, renew your vehicle registration, or pay off your parking tickets.

Alberta Health Care Card: Your first step is to register for an Albert Health Care Card to access insured medical services in Alberta. We can help you through the steps to register, update or replace your card.

Business services: We can help register your business or incorporation, and complete your annual return.

Here are our Registry locations:


Alix Registries

4924 - 50th Street, Alix, AB

Tel: 403-747-2614

Fax: 403-747-3828



Bashaw Registries

4907 - 50th Street, Bashaw, AB

Tel: 780-372-3584

Fax: 780-372-3053



Bassano Registries

412 - 2nd Avenue, Bassano, AB

Tel: 403-641-3014

Fax: 403-641-4546



Beaverlodge Registries

203 - 10th Street, Beaverlodge, AB

Tel: 780-354-2265

Fax: 780-354-3188


Bow Island

Bow Island Registries

118 - 5th Avenue, Bow Island, AB

Tel: 403-545-2252

Fax: 403-545-2857



Coronation Registries

5016 Victoria Avenue, Coronation, AB

Tel: 403-578-3695

Fax: 403-578-3344



Fairview Registries

10412 - 110th Street, Fairview, AB

Tel: 780-835-5900




Hanna Registries

207 - 2nd Avenue, Hanna, AB

Tel: 403-854-3321

Fax: 403-854-2686



Nanton Registries

2207 - 20th Avenue, Nanton, AB

Tel: 403-646-2900

Fax: 403-646-2240


Diamond Valley

Diamond Valley Registries &Licensing

105 - 118 Main Street, Turner Valley, AB

Tel: 403-933-4422

Fax: 403-933-4193



Vermilion Registries

4919 - 50th Avenue, Vermilion, AB

Tel: 780-853-2871

Fax: 780-853-4422




Western’s 11 registry locations in Alberta have been serving the public for over 20 years. We take pride in the service we give and listening to our customers’ needs. We’re here to help you with all of your registry needs.