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TotalProtect Commercial Insurance

Tailored Commercial Insurance for Your Small Business

Total Protect Commercial Insurance

Western Financial Group is an award-winning brokerage. Our business insurance experts will get you customized commercial insurance for your business. We tailor insurance to a variety of businesses, from manufacturers to grocery stores.

Total Protect Commercial Insurance

Our insurance expertise will benefit your small business

We are skilled insurance shoppers. We work with Canada’s leading insurance partners to get you customized commercial insurance at the right value to protect your small business from the unexpected.

Owning a small business is a lot of work and comes with risks. Minimizing any risks is a healthy business strategy for your small business.

Protecting your business and your employees with TotalProtect Commercial Insurance is a smart investment for your future.

Total Protect Commercial Insurance
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How does TotalProtect Commercial Insurance protect my business?

TotalProtect Commercial Insurance is a package of insurance coverages for your business. It includes:

Commercial general liability insurance

This type of coverage helps provide protection if your business faces a liability claim for bodily injuries or property damage from a customer, supplier, or seller (third parties).

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance provides protection for the physical assets of your business, such as buildings and their contents, as well as business interruption coverage.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance helps cover the costs that come with unexpected lawsuits that may arise due to an error or omission in your work.

Cyber liability insurance

It helps minimize the impacts of a cyber attack or data breach on your business with comprehensive coverage options.

Why choose Western?

We’ll get you commercial insurance that’s at the right value for you. It’s easy, fast, and customized. Get an online quote, text, email, or phone call. Choose what works for you.

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