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Group Health Benefits

Strength in numbers to attract and retain top talent

Welders Insurance

Western Financial Group is an award-winning brokerage whose insurance experts recognize the importance of offering an employee benefits program to your most essential asset – your people.

Retail Insurance

Western’s approach to Employee Benefit Programs

We promote two fundamental advantages by offering:

  1. Sustainable savings through the removal of excess cost layers
  2. Rate stability through a pooled approach, creating strength in numbers and limiting the rate impact of your employee’s claims

Get a plan tailored to your business and your employees

The main components of an employee benefits program include extended health care and dental care coverages such as:

  • Professional services
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental care
  • Hospital, ambulance coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Travel coverage
  • Health-care spending accounts
Employee Benefits

Learn more about our TotalGuard Employee Benefits Plans



Auto Car Body Shop Insurance

Making group benefits easy

Pay-Direct Drug/Dental Card: Provides each employee with a pay-direct drug card that pays for prescription drug and professional services electronically at the point of sale.

If you run a business with at least three employees, call us and speak to one of our licensed insurance advisors about a group employee benefits plan.

Western Financial Group is uniquely positioned within the benefits industry and it has been helping Canadian businesses for over four decades.

Why choose Western?

We will get you the group health benefit solution that fits your business. It’s simple, fast, and affordable.

Get an online quote, text, email, or phone call. Choose what works for you.

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