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What goes into a claim at Western?

As your brokers, we have access to superior insurance carriers and products that grow with you as your needs change.  

While we’ll answer your claim questions and help you navigate what’s to come, your insurance company makes the final decision.

1. Reporting the Loss

The claims process begins when you report any insurable loss to our team. 

During Business Hours:

As your broker, we start by confirming your policy details and asking for up-to-date contact information.  You’ll be asked to provide a detailed description, in your own words, about what happened.  

 Anticipate being contacted by an adjuster, who might also assign an additional expert to assist, such as an appraiser or contractor, depending on the type of  claim.

After-Hours/Emergency Toll-Free Line:

If it’s an emergency after hours, an adjuster is immediately assigned to your file. Otherwise, your broker will receive a report, the claim will be set up with your insurer, and an adjuster assigned.

2. Investigation

At this point, your claim has been turned over to the insurer and an adjuster has been assigned to investigate the details of the loss. The information you provided when reporting the initial loss now comes into play. As the client, you are in the best position to expedite the claim by working directly with your adjuster.  The insurer will guide you through the claim while fulfilling their duties.

3. Quantify the Loss

As the client, you are in the best position to expedite the claim by working directly with your adjuster.  

If the investigation finds the claim is covered under your policy, an adjuster will evaluate and determine the amount of loss.

4. Claim Settlement

Your deductible is factored in, and your insurance carrier pays out the claim.  Remember, your trusted broker is available at any time to answer any questions or concerns you might in the claims process.  Western is committed to a fair and objective claims experience for everyone.