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General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Protects You from Third-party Injury and Damage Claims

General Liability Insurance

Western Financial Group is an award-winning brokerage. Our business insurance experts will get you customized general liability insurance to protect your business from unexpected accidents or negligence.

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Our insurance expertise will benefit your business

We are skilled insurance shoppers. We work with Canada’s leading insurance partners to get you general liability insurance at the right value for your business.

Why you need general liability insurance

General liability insurance is essential for business owners. It helps protect your business should it be sued for third-party injury or third-party property damage claims. You will also hear general liability insurance called commercial liability insurance (CGL).

This type of insurance helps cover legal fees, settlements, and medical expenses that you could be responsible for paying. Without general liability insurance, you would be paying for these expenses out of your own pocket should a customer be injured or their belongings damaged.

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Why cyber insurance is important for your business:

Cyber insurance gives your business financial security against damage caused by cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are a growing threat for businesses.

General Liability Insurance

How general liability insurance can help your business

A customer comes into your business and slips and falls on a wet floor. She breaks her wrist and sues you for third-party injury. General liability insurance would help pay for any uninsured medical bills, and your legal fees and any settlement.

Did you know that in Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among older adults, and represent the leading health care cost of all injuries for children ages 0 – 14?

You’re a professional painter and you spill paint on your customer’s floor, damaging her property. General liability insurance would help cover the cost of repairing the floor.

General liability insurance also covers allegations of defamation, libel, slander, or false advertising.

Do I need liability insurance if I have a home-based business?

Yes, you need liability insurance if you have a home-based business. A client may slip and fall at your home-based business or a client’s property may get damaged.

Liability insurance would cover most damages awarded against you and would help pay the legal costs to defend you in a lawsuit.

Personal liability on your home insurance would not cover such situations.

Why choose Western?

We’ll get you general liability insurance that’s tailored to what your business sells and where you operate your business. It’s easy, fast, and customized. Get an online quote, text, email, or phone call. Choose what works for you.

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