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September 22, 2020

What is critical life insurance?

Standard health insurance does not provide enough coverage if you have a serious health emer…


July 31, 2020

Where and how do you connect electric cars?

There are two kinds of electric vehicles available and they are becoming more common in Nort…


June 29, 2020

Keep your car safe this hail season

Warm weather is finally here, and you are probably looking forward to barbeques, road trips…


April 6, 2020

What does RESP mean?

A Registered Education Savings Plan, or RESP, is a tax-sheltered account that helps parents…


March 24, 2020

What is no fault insurance?

Many US states and Canadian provinces have adopted no-fault insurance concepts into the trad…


March 24, 2020

What does off-road vehicle insurance cover?

What is off-road vehicle insurance? After you leave your property, your homeowners’ in…


March 24, 2020

What is trip cancellation insurance?

A large number of people each year make plans to travel. Sometimes plans do not work out, an…


March 13, 2020

Message from our President and CEO, Kenny Nicholls, regarding COVID-19

Dear Western Financial Group community of customers During these challenging times I wanted…


March 12, 2020

Get a hold of a Western insurance broker today

During the current COVID-19 event we are asking our customers to contact us through one of t…


The official seal for the Top 10 Brokerage list is overlaid over our West Lethbridge branch.

February 27, 2020

Western Financial Group chosen among Canada's top brokers

February 27, 2020. On behalf of our Western Financial Group experts across our 184 brokerage…


Alberta's Top 75 Employers logo (a shield) is superimposed over Western Financial Group's headquarters.

February 20, 2020

Western Financial Group recognized as top employer

Western Financial Group is grateful to be among Alberta’s Top 75 Employers for 2020. R…


Man distracted while driving with a coffee in one hand and talking on the phone with the other hand

January 31, 2020

Dangers of distracted driving

January 31, 2020. If another activity is taking your attention away from driving, you are di…


Clothes in a dryer with a lint trap full of lint

January 24, 2020

Benefits of keeping your dryer clean

January 24, 2020. Thousands of house fires are caused by dryers every year, with lint buildu…


Flat tire on car being replaced on winter road

January 20, 2020

How to change a flat tire

January 20, 2020. If the flat tire is on the driver’s side of the vehicle and you are…


Car driving on winter road

January 17, 2020

Keeping your car in excellent running order this winter

January 17, 2020. Proper vehicle maintenance is especially important in a Canadian winter du…


Young woman riding in a self driving car

January 15, 2020

How will self-driving cars change insurance?

January 15, 2020. Even a few years ago, self-driving cars sounded like something from a scie…


Young man looks under the hood of his car

January 13, 2020

Two useful skills to have when your car breaks down

January 13, 2020. Your car breaking down can be stressful and time consuming and chances are…


View from the drivers seat of a car, looking out the front windshield with a dashboard camera

January 10, 2020

Dashboard cameras and how it helps your car insurance

January 10, 2020. In 2018 the average American was photographed by some kind of camera an es…


Mechanic fixes a car bumper

January 8, 2020

What should you do in a fender-bender?

January 8, 2020. Most drivers will be involved in a fender-bender at some point. Being in a…


Young family sits in their kitchen making an inventory list for home insurance

January 6, 2020

How to make a home inventory list for insurance purposes

January 6, 2020. There are two types of people: those who are organized with details of all…


Busy city intersection

January 1, 2020

Traffic law myths

January 1, 2020. Most of us have heard, and probably fallen for, a few of these driving myth…


Man looking at computer analyzing data

December 30, 2019

Identity theft and the importance of cyber insurance

December 30, 2019. A familiar headline or nightly news item involves someone whose identity…


Young women in driver seat of her car

December 30, 2019

What is the minimal vehicle insurance you may need for both a new or used vehicle?

December 30, 2019. When buying a vehicle in Alberta, whether new or used, you must make sure…


Car driving on a winter road in the mountains

December 27, 2019

Holiday traffic in British Columbia

December 27, 2019. Even though there are many different holidays celebrated in the early win…


Young man looking at insurance documents

December 25, 2019

Accidents happen so make sure you have liability coverage

December 25, 2019. Liability insurance protects you when you have unintentionally harmed som…


Cars driving across a bridge in a snow storm

December 23, 2019

How to drive safe in the winter

December 23, 2019. Winter driving is a challenge but anticipating problems and avoiding them…


Three packages left on a front porch

December 22, 2019

Porch pirates in a modern shopping environment

December 22, 2019. Pirates of the Caribbean, pirates of the China Sea, porch pirates……


Young family sitting in their home together

December 18, 2019

Home insurance- What you need to know

December 18, 2019. Owning a home can be both an asset and a liability. Having a home has man…


Mechanic working on a car battery

December 16, 2019

How to extend your car's battery life

What if your battery has a very low charge? December 16, 2019. If your battery is at 12 volt…


Young man looking at auto insurance documents

December 11, 2019

What do you need to do to insure your new car?

December 11, 2019. Buying a new car is exciting so it’s important to know what you nee…