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Charles Wills

Account Executive Financial Services

     Life Insurance Broker Mark Williams

Charles has studied and worked extensively in law and business and is passionate about using his experience and expertise to help clients utilize ‘life insurance funded financial assets’ to build innovative, secure and ‘tax efficient’ financial plans to protect their families and retirement dreams.

Whether the need is personal, or for a family business, the strategic use of these plans can: 1. protect your family, or business, in the circumstances of your sudden death; 2. facilitate an orderly transition of your personal, or business, assets to the next generation; 3. fund the ‘buy-out’ or ‘buy-in’ of a financial partner, including a bank; 4. provide supplemental retirement income for you and your spouse; or 5. provide the cash necessary to payout CRA in order to secure a quick release of your estate assets. If you have a business, they can also fund: 6. an independent financial asset for your business’ balance sheet to help facilitate your business banking relations; 7. the accumulation of tax-sheltered investment income using the excess working capital reserves in your business; and 8. the funds necessary for your business to make tax free shareholder distributions. Some people even use these plans to; 9. fund ‘legacy’ charitable donations.

His compass is the ‘Platinum Rule: do more for others than you would expect them to do for you!’ Making a useful contribution, adding meaningful value, finding a creative solution for every client situation is essential for him. He has experienced sudden death, disability, and critical illness in his family. He knows how devastating these unexpected circumstances can be and how important it is to have plans in place to protect families and their retirement dreams.

Products and services offered:

Life Insurance | Disability Insurance | Critical Illness Insurance | Disability, Health & Accident Insurance | Business Capitalization Insurance |  Partnership Insurance | Business Health Savings Accounts

Licensed to advise customers in: 

 British Columbia | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Ontario

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