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Group Health Benefits in Manitoba

Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions works in partnership with independent Canadian business groups, associations and buying groups.  It offers superior methods to manage insurance programs with greater financial and administrative efficiencies. The result of these partnerships is a more efficient structure than the traditional broker-insurance company model.  Learn more about our Group Health Benefit Solutions.



Group Health Benefit Solutions
Strength in Numbers

True insurance is attained by 
spreading risk amongst many.

Group Health Benefit Solutions
Financial Efficiency

Fewer cost layers equate to
inmediate savings by dealing direct.

Group Health Benefit Solutions
Rate Stabililty

Stability is generated by spreading
claims over the entire pool.

Features & Enhancements

Pay-Direct Drug/Dental Card

The program provides each employee with a pay-direct drug card that pays for prescription drug and professional services electronically at the point of sale.

Online Administration

Plan sponsors can convenietly
perform many administrative
functions online.

Dedicated Customer Service

Each member will have a dedicated
Insurance Advisor to assist them.

Our insurance experts are ready to deliver the right group health benefit solutions for your business.  With over 40 years of experience servicing all provinces and territories, across Canada, our sales professionals are here to help you, wherever it is that your business operates in Manitoba (Brandon, Thompson, Gilbert Plains, Roblin and Souris). We’re also proud to serve the city of Winnipeg. Contact us today at 1-866-272-2907 to learn more.


Interested in getting the right group health benefit solution for your business in Manitoba?

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