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At Western Financial Group, we recognize the challenges individuals face in reducing the cost of their home insurance and car insurance. Our affordable group insurances services are designed to help reduce your premiums and give individuals the weight of a larger group behind them.

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Groups across Ontario now choose Western because we offer direct access to the right car insurance and home insurance at the best value. Our experience means we guide the group policy selection process to ensure the best available choice is made for our customers.

Comprehensive Home and Auto Insurance Services

These services provide organizations and their members with the ideal solution to their home and vehicle protection requirements. We work with leading insurance providers to deliver products that offer the right security and coverage levels.

Fast access to qualified brokers

Groups using Western Financial Group for their home insurance and car insurance have fast access to qualified professionals with years of industry experience. Our team can help answer any questions you might have about your policies. We work alongside you as advocates during any claims as well. Our team is available to respond to any inquiries. You are only a phone call, click or branch visit away from an experienced, professional broker.

Complete range of options

For group insurance plans we offer a wide range of full coverage options for all members and their families. Our trusted team will guide you on their benefits and help you select a group plan that suits your unique requirements today and as they change as well.

To learn more, our Western brokers in Ontario, linked below, can serve you best.