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We know you’ve invested your time and hard-earned money into your motorcycle. Your motorcycle is more than just a bike to you—it’s your ride. Our brokers can help you get on the road with mandatory ICBC coverage and can then take your policy to the next level. Let us help you, as an experienced rider, get the best possible coverage for your bike. The basic Autoplan ICBC coverage is the minimum required by law to operate any licensed vehicle in British Columbia—including motorcycles.

What does my ICBC Basic Autoplan policy include?

  • Third Party Liability coverage protects you when you're at-fault in a crash and another motorist makes a claim against you. Your Basic Autoplan covers up to $200,000 of their injury costs and vehicle damage.
  • Autoplan Accident Benefits help you, your passengers and members of your household with medical costs, wage loss and more if you’re injured in a crash—even if you’re at-fault.
  • Basic UMP covers you and members of your household for claims of up to $1 million per insured person, if an at-fault party lacks the coverage to pay for your damages and/or injuries.
  • Hit-and-run coverage protects you and your vehicle for up to $200,000 in the event your property is damaged, or you suffer injury in a crash on a roadway in BC.

Alright, what isn’t covered with the Basic Autoplan policy?

  • ICBC’s Basic Autoplan policy lacks collision and comprehensive coverage, and third-party liability coverage more than $200,000. You’ll have to purchase additional insurance for these coverages.
  • ICBC offers its own optional coverage, but our motorcycle policy includes many features not found anywhere else.

Our next level insurance coverage

We offer experienced riders with good driving records tremendous coverage at a highly competitive rate. You’ll get the lowest premium we have to offer, and your motorcycle will be insured for its declared value, up to $50,000.


Why you should choose our product:

  • You’ll get replacement cost for bikes that are two model years or newer. If your bike is three model years and older, we will insure it on a declared value basis.
  • Tell us how much your bike is worth and that’s what we’ll insure it for.
  • When it’s winter and you take your motorcycle off the road, our coverage automatically converts to a storage policy. Simply cancel the ICBC portion of your insurance and our policy will continue to protect your bike until you’re ready to ride again next spring.
  • We offer emergency roadside service coverage up to $200 per policy term, free of charge and without a deductible.
  • We include $3,000 of coverage for riding gear and a helmet in your policy at no charge.

So, you want to qualify for our motorcycle insurance?

  • You must have 10 years driving experience behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and three or more years experience with a Class 6 motorcycle license.
  • You must also be accident free (at-fault collisions) on a motorcycle for the past three years.
  • This product is currently only available for residents of British Columbia.
  • If you have just recently purchased a bike and will be a new motorcycle rider in British Columbia, opportunities for coverage exist through ICBC.

How can I save money on my policy?

  • Discounts are offered to active members of a registered riding club. You must attend the meetings, rides and events—online membership alone does not qualify.
  • If you’ve taken any formal riding training—either government sponsored or private.
    If you have 15 or more years with a Class 6 motorcycle license.

Once you leave our offices, you will have all the coverage needed to protect your new ride.

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