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Your Western Financial Group team in Ontario works alongside you to provide you with the latest in car insurance and home insurance. We are thrilled to support the Pembroke Regional Hospital via charitable give backs. We’re equally as excited to present our group insurance program for hospital employees.

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With us, you’ll gain exclusive access to car insurance and home insurance discounts through our affordable group plan. Backed by years of customer care excellence, our policies are optimized for the insurance you need at the best value.

Comprehensive car insurance

Based on your driving needs, we provide an entire suite of specialized coverages via our access to numerous insurance partners. Thinking of your other vehicles? We have options for RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc. With Western Financial Group, your security is right for the road ahead.

Home insurance

We know your home is probably one of your largest assets. With Western, you’ll have full coverage for your personal belongings and 24/7 customer and claims care. Questions about other products?

Our brokers are experts in cottage or seasonal property policies. Your Western home insurance policy will protect your most valuable asset and the contents it holds.

Experience to serve you right

Trusted in Ontario when it comes to meeting customers insurance requirements, we, as Western Financial Group, have secured thousands, while offering unsurpassed marketplace advice. As one of the country’s largest brokers, we have access to Canada’s leading insurance companies.

We are driven to provide you a reliable policy for you and your family.

Available savings

When you use a Western broker, we also consider if you’re eligible for any savings. Part of our commitment is in helping you and your loved ones reduce insurance costs, if applicable.

Discounts may be available if you’re a mature homeowner, if you bundle your home/car insurance, if you purchase a policy for more than property or if you install a fire alarm or home security system etc.

If you’re a Pembroke Regional Hospital employee, our team is available to help you capitalize on our group insurance pricing. For more information, Western is no more than a call, click or branch visit away.

To learn more, our Western brokers in Ontario, linked below, can serve you best.