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Chelsey Perras

Team Lead

My name is Chelsey Perras, and I am the team lead for our Lacombe branch. 

I first started my insurance career in 2015, and I have a had thirst for knowledge and growth ever since.  Client care is my top priority.

In my spare time you can find me boating, surfing, camping, hunting, and fishing.  I am also known to be an avid traveler, chasing the sun and sand. 

I have two amazing sons who keep me young.  We have a family farm east of Consort, AB where we continue to always learn and embrace the new challenges presented in front of us, creating family memories along the way.

It is a privilege to work alongside with my team, who I am honored to call my work family.

Phone: 1-403-782-3757  ext. 14112
Email: chelsey.perras@westernfg.ca


Shalee Healing

Insurance Advisor

I have been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. I am passionate about giving great service for all clients. Currently, I assist Commercial Account Executives on the Red Deer area Commercial Team, helping ensure all our client’s needs are met in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner.

Being a resident of Lacombe for more than 30 years, I understand the small-town service expectations and strive to uphold the highest standards for all our clients.

I grew up in an oilfield, trucking, and farming family, so my well-rounded knowledge helps me to understand the insurance needs of our Alberta clients, in the farming and commercial sectors.

Welcome to Western Financial Group, where we never stop learning in our ever-changing world!

Phone: 1-403-782-3757  ext. 14251
Email: shalee.healing@westernfg.ca


Patricia Challman

Insurance Advisor

I’m a proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters, 10 grandchildren and one fur baby I call Rosey.

I’ve had a few careers up to date to include realtor, hairstylist, and now an insurance advisor.

I enjoy spending time with family, traveling and exploring new places.

Phone: 1-403-782-3757  ext. 14243
Email: patricia.challman@westernfg.ca


Kendrea Ward

Insurance Advisor

I decided to join the insurance industry in 2022, and I have been enjoying learning and expanding my knowledge within my career.  I quickly obtained my level 2 license and I have easily found myself adapting to the ever-changing industry.

I am originally from Kamloops, BC born and raised.  In winter of 2019, my family and I made the decision to relocate to Lacombe.  We have been very happy with our decision, as the community and people have made Lacombe feel like home.

In my spare time you will most likely find me in my kitchen or garden preparing to host family and friends’ gatherings.  I am excited and ready to embrace what my future career has in store for me.

Phone: 1-403-782-3757  ext. 14245
Email: kendrea.ward@westernfg.ca


Deanna Mercer

Insurance Advisor

Since the age of twelve, Deanna was a natural entrepreneur marketing her mom’s home baked granola bars to her fellow peers and classmates.

Indisputably the granola bars were exceptionally delicious, but it was not humanly possible to eat as many granola bars as Deanna’s mom thought her brother and she did.

This venture clearly funding Deanna’s Columbia House subscription and insatiable love for sour candies.

Now Deanna is a Licensed Level 2 Insurance Advisor with an amazing company that has provided a great foundation for building a promising career, who can also decorate amazing cakes and paint your face to look like a Butterfly or Spider Man.  A necessity for funding my need to rescue all the plants from the plant shelter.

As a born and raised small town Alberta girl with a green thumb and a flare for all things art and DIY, a mom to two wonderful daughters (please send help), a kitty named Pepper and an axolotl named Gillbert, life can get a little hectic.

In the mountains next to a waterfall is where she likes to reflect and soak up the beauty of it all.

Phone: 1-403-782-3757  ext. 14246
Email: deanna.mercer@westernfg.ca


Western Financial Group is a proud member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta