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There are two ways you can be insured in Ontario including through a specific company or franchise (called agents or direct writers). Secondly, you can receive insurance services through a broker such as our Ontario Western Financial Group locations (formerly EGM Insurance Group and subsidiaries Johnston & Mackie Limited and MC Carroll Insurance Brokers).

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Choice of coverage

Agents and direct writers are authorized to sell only their own products. Brokers like Western Financial Group access insurance solutions via numerous companies and find what best suits the customers’ needs. Brokers can also make a customized policy for you.

Assisting during a claim

We know that experiencing a loss and the claim process is difficult. Customers have told us they couldn’t imagine going through the process without their broker. We are here to help and we understand you.

Best adapted to serve customers

Licensed insurance brokers must demonstrate technical and personal skills as mandated by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). Established by the Ontario government in 1981, RIBO is a self-governing body that regulates the licensing, professional competence, ethical conduct and insurance-related financial obligations of all general insurance brokers in Ontario.

In order to remain licensed, a broker must demonstrate RIBO requirements in their daily practice and obtain additional education credits annually.

We also adhere to a professional Code of Ethics. If you have a complaint, there is an organization to hear your complaint and a disciplinary committee to follow through if required.

To learn more, our Western brokers in Ontario, linked below, can serve you best.