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How Anti-theft Technology Can Thwart Thieves

How Anti-theft Technology Can Thwart Thieves

Sometimes locking your car doors just isn’t enough. Anti-theft technology gives your car more security and can help deter savvy car thieves.

Anti-theft devices are either already installed in your car when you buy it or they’re something you buy and install after purchasing your vehicle. They make vehicles harder to steal and easier to track or recover.

What is an anti-theft device?

There are two main types of anti-theft devices – active and passive.

Active devices need to be manually activated, such as an alarm system or steering wheel locks.

Passive anti-theft systems will monitor your vehicle 24/7, such as GPS programs.

Here are 5 anti-theft devices:

1. Alarm systems

Car alarms improve vehicle security and they have advanced features such as motion and shock sensors, mobile apps, and GPS trackers.

These alarms usually have loud sirens when triggered. The siren draws attention to your car and may scare off a thief.

What if your car does not have a built-in alarm system? You can have a car alarm system installed professionally. Some alarm systems can come with mobile phone apps that can notify you if there is an incident involving your car.

2. Dash cams

You can buy a dash cam to record footage while your car is running or parked. Footage from a dash cam inside your vehicle can identify thieves or help prevent the theft of your car.

Some dash cams have built-in alarms to alert you of an attempted theft.

3. Signal-blocking containers

You can purchase a signal-blocking box or container that hides your key and its coded information, which could be electronically copied to let a thief drive your car away. The metal provides a barrier that interrupts radio signals to/from the smart fob.

Did you know that car theft has reached a critical point in Canada with a vehicle being stolen every 6 minutes?

Ask your Western Financial Group car insurance expert if any of your car’s anti-theft devices qualify for a discount. Anti-theft technology could help save you money on your car insurance.

4. Kill switches

Kill switches can help prevent car theft by turning off specific circuits or systems in your car, making it more difficult for thieves to start the engine. They can be activated manually or remotely and they provide extra and affordable security for your car.

5. Steering wheel locks

Steering wheel locks help deter car thieves by making it tough for them to steer, even if they start the engine. They come in various designs and colours and their appearance can help discourage thieves.

You can also use a security tire clamp that wraps around your wheel to help prevent theft.

You can also use an engine immobilizer, but thieves are getting wise to this anti-theft technology. An engine immobilizer stops a car from starting without the correct key or transponder to help stop a thief from hot-wiring your car.

Most engine immobilizers sound an alarm if someone uses a counterfeit key with the wrong code to turn the ignition.

Thieves have found a way to get around this technology with devices that trick your car into thinking the key is in the vehicle.