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Being insurance brokers in a small community has benefits. People know us and we know our people. At our Western Financial Group locations in Ontario (formerly EGM Insurance Group and subsidiaries Johnston & Mackie Limited and MC Carroll Insurance Brokers), our experts advise you on the right coverage at the best value. Second, in the event of a claim, we liaison between you and your insurance company to provide a proper claims experience.

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When EGM Insurance Group was established, business was conducted on a handshake. These same honest values apply today under the Western Financial Group banner.

Each person who comes to us for their insurance is dealt with as an individual. We invest the time in pursuing a policy that is optimized for your needs. Knowing our clients are properly insured is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Western Financial Group brokers are advisors for you at all points in your life. Whether you’re making a first-time insurance purchase, need to make changes, file a claim, we help each step of the way.

You might be surprised what changes in a year when it comes to insurance. You might be obtaining licenses, graduating from college, retiring, downsizing, upsizing and so on.

We review your policy with you for any changes that might be needed.

A community that supports each other is one that succeeds together. We believe in that mantra and support our brokers’ volunteer efforts. As a team, we’re active in supporting the community’s needs.

To learn more, our Western brokers in Ontario, linked below, can serve you best.

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