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ICBC Transactions Online

During COVID-19 Western Financial Group has re-opened our branches with safety of our customers and employees in mind. Your Western experts have initiated new features and we encourage you to use this form to assist in having your time in the branches reduced. For your convenience you can still have transactions done on-line along with one our employees calling in!

For more information on the streamlined ICBC services, click here.

We encourage you to request ICBC transactions online using the form below.

Request ICBC Renewals, Changes or New Policies

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All the details on out-of-province vehicle registration in one place — Western Financial Group has you covered


Don’t know how to register a new or used vehicle imported to British Columbia from elsewhere in Canada, the United States or even another country? Do you need more information? Search no more — our licensed experts offer the right insurance expertise and advice.

Did you know?

If you’re importing a used vehicle from the U.S. or foreign nation, you’ll require the original certificate of title from the previous jurisdiction as a support document.

Learn more with this handy checklist from our partners at ICBC.