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Keep everyone safe this Halloween night

Oct. 29, 2018. Halloween offers “spooktacular” thrills for Canadians young and old across the country. Many of us remember eagerly moving from house-to-house in our neighbourhoods collecting all kinds of candies. As Oct. 31 approaches, your Western insurance experts hope the little ghouls, ghosts and goblins—and older trick-or-treaters—have an excellent time on this very scary night.

As in anything, all people must consider safety when children are out and about on their search for treats. Drivers, be aware that excited youth may not be as diligent in watching for vehicles.

Along with organizations across Canada, the federal government has also offered important tips and tricks for parents, motorists on the roads and for the youngsters themselves.

Before your young ones take to the streets

  • Bright costumes are more easily seen by motorists—add reflective tape to enhance visibility.
  • Choose makeup over masks whenever possible so your young one can see properly.
  • Costumes that fit over warm clothing are recommended.
  • Map out a Halloween route with your kids and confirm they will follow it.
  • Ensure your children are aware of safe places (police station, fire station etc.)
  • Glowsticks and/or flashlights help keep children visible to passing drivers.
  • Young trick-or-treaters should be supervised by a parent, trusted friend, babysitter etc.
  • Older youth should have a cell phone to call home.

Now for the candy hunters themselves

  • If there isn’t sidewalk, walk close to the curb on the left-hand side of the street facing traffic.
  • Use crosswalks if possible. Cross at marked intersections if they aren’t available.
  • Always check for vehicles and cross only when everyone has passed.
  • Never assume a motorist sees you. Have fun out there but have caution.
  • Trick-or-treat in groups and stay together. Larger groups are more easily seen.

Keep a watchful eye out when on the road

  • If you don’t have to be driving, try staying home between 6 and 9 p.m.
  • Keep your headlights on so trick-or-treaters can see your vehicle.
  • Never drive distracted while behind the wheel.
  • Posted speed limits are one thing, but with more kids out there, slow down.
  • If a vehicle is parked in the road, they might be dropping kids off or letting them cross.
  • Pull onto streets and exit back alleys with extreme caution.
  • Triple check that no one is coming when you’re backing out of your driveway.
  • Watch for any youngsters darting out from between parked cars.

As Western Financial Group, we hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween evening. The festivities and cute costumes—maybe some scary ones—make for years of memories. Stay vigilant out there and don’t forget to share some of that candy.

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