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Let's Celebrate Insurance Careers Month at Western

Meet Mike Renowden

Meet Mike Renowden, a seasoned insurance professional based in Victoria, B.C., working remotely for Western Financial Group.

With nearly 17 years in the industry, Mike's journey began when he explored opportunities in banking, leading him to the world of insurance.

Starting as an insurance representative in a branch, Mike's career evolved as he transitioned to car underwriting, mastering various lines of business, including car, RV, mobile home, motorcycles, and habitational.

His dedication and expertise propelled him from team lead to assistant manager, manager, and finally, director in the commercial underwriting department.

When asked about his favorite aspect of working with Western, Mike emphasizes the people. The camaraderie, humour, and mutual respect among colleagues drive his passion for the job. Mike appreciates how Western prioritizes its employees' well-being, making it an organization that he’s proud to be part of as an employee.

In terms of the team's contribution to customer satisfaction, Mike highlights the broader definition of "customer." While they may not interact directly with clients, their focus extends to account executives, insurance advisors, and internal stakeholders. Speed and friendliness characterize their service, emphasizing the importance of quick acknowledgment and problem-solving for everyone involved.

When it comes to Western's guiding principles, Mike resonates most with truthfulness. Building trust, in his view, is foundational to being perceived as fair, loyal, and valuable. For Mike, honesty forms the bedrock of meaningful connections and successful collaborations.

Beyond the insurance realm, Mike is a family man who enjoys cheering on the Red Wings, attending concerts, and traveling to diverse destinations like Tofino and Las Vegas. One of his unique interests lies in sneakers, boasting a collection of around 75 pairs that he rotates throughout the year, showcasing his eclectic taste in footwear.