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MyWestern FAQ

Always evolving our customer support

Our Western insurance experts have the experience and industry knowledge you need to best care for your coverage now and into the future. We’ve built our self-service portal with you in mind. Any questions about MyWestern? You’re in the right place — our customer support help centre.

You may find an answer to your inquiry below or feel free to call our team at 1-866-245-2779.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive a login PIN in my email inbox?

  • Your email provider may have flagged the PIN as spam or junk
  • Check your junk or spam folder in your email account for an email from Western Financial Group with your PIN
  • Please adjust your email preferences to add mywestern@westernfg.ca to your safe senders list
  • You may have a different email address associated with your account
  • Please contact us at 1-866-245-2779 to update the email address on your account
  • If you still do not receive a PIN please contact us at 1-866-245-2779


I want to add a driver to my policy

  • Under the “My Documents” tab, select the pink slip for the vehicle you would like to add a driver to.
  • Once the pink slip is displayed, click/press the “+” in the bottom right corner.
  • Select “add driver” from the pop up menu and submit the following form.
  • Please note that these policy changes are not complete until contacted by one of our licensed insurance brokers


I want to make an Auto Claim but have a government auto policy


My Electronic Pink Slip isn’t displaying

  • Electronic Pink Slips may not be available in your province
  • Electronic pink slips are only available in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador
  • You may not have liability coverage on your vehicle
  • You must have liability coverage in order to get a pink slip for your vehicle. Please contact us at 1-866-245-2779 to discuss adding liability coverage to your current policy.
  • If your electronic pink slip still isn’t displaying please contact us at 1-866-245-2779


My electronic pink slip is incorrect


Can I add another user to my account?

  • Select the profile icon in the top right corner (on desktop and mobile)
  • Select “users” from the pop up menu and complete the add a user form
  • Please note that added users will be able to see all insurance documents and request policy changes


My policies or documents are not displaying in MyWestern

  • Please note that only active policies will display within MyWestern.
  • If your policy is active and not displaying, please contact us at 1-866-245-2779


The policy preview only show limited information, how do I get my full documentation?


How do I add MyWestern to my mobile device?


I recently requested a change through MyWestern and I don’t see it reflected

  • Policy changes that are requested through MyWestern are not complete until you receive digital, written or verbal confirmation from one of our licensed insurance brokers
  • Once you receive confirmation from one of our licensed insurance brokers, your MyWestern account will be updated the next business day.
  • If your MyWestern account is still not up-to-date, please contact us at 1-866-245-2779