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Owned by the Samson Cree Nation and servicing Western Canada since 1982, Peace Hills General Insurance Company has its head office location in Edmonton, Alberta. The company has branch offices in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Peace Hills Insurance products are distributed through the independent broker system, and brokers are committed to serving customers. The company offers general insurance products. Values include corporate integrity, empathy and conscience and customer satisfaction.

Corporate values include open communication, fairness, flexibility and reasonable dealings with customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and a commitment to their independent brokers. Charitable donations are presented to the Samson Cree Nation’s cultural programs and area non-profits.

Peace Hills General Insurance is committed to the profitability of the Samson Cree Nation, and dedicates itself to company growth and increased value for shareholders. More than 200 employees work at 478 independent broker offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.

Peace Hills