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Since beginning in 1996, Western Financial Group has stayed true to its culture that is embedded in the organization’s Guiding Principles – Truthfulness, Fairness, Value and Loyalty.

Our Guiding Principles help us keep the culture that existed in Western Financial Group when there were less than 10 employees and they continue to lead us today with nearly 1,800 team members. These principles guide our decision-making process – one in which we keep the best interests of our customers, employees, and business partners in mind.

At Western, we believe that investing in employee development is one of the soundest decisions we can make and we support success for our peoples’ careers. Our culture is one that sees our employees bring the best of who they are to work every day. In return, we ensure our team members are rewarded and their outstanding accomplishments are recognized.

Western employees can provide a healthy challenge to the status quo through innovation, teamwork, collaboration and trust. We stress accountability within our teams, and place a strong emphasis on customer experience, improving efficiencies and obtaining business results. We pride ourselves on being focused on results that grow our business.

We place a high importance on giving back to our local communities. We take great pride in supporting the communities where our customers and employees live through impactful donations and volunteering efforts that truly make a difference.

Our Guiding Principles


It is the foundation of our business. We believe that frank, accurate, and honest communication is always in everyone's best interest.


We are advocates for our customers and the trusted representatives of our suppliers. Our credibility rests on our determination to see that everyone gets what they deserve.


We believe that nobody owes us a living. Our skills and knowledge must generate meaningful, positive results for all customers, stakeholders and our people. We will strive to be the best we can be.


We place our faith in long-term relationships, through thick and thin. We support our communities.