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Safe working from home tips to keep you happy and healthy

Many of you have been working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. While working from home has, in many cases, eliminated your daily commute, it also means extended hours of sitting in front of a computer screen. All of this extra screen time, often hunched over a computer, can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, eye strain and muscle pain.

Sadly, without preventative measures, some of these effects can lead to long term health problems.

Working at an office, you probably thought you spent all day in front of a computer screen. But between coffee breaks, walk-by chats, watercooler talk, scheduled and informal meetings throughout the day, you had intermittent breaks from technology.

Now working from home, those little respites from technology are not there anymore unless you make a conscious effort to incorporate them. You simply don't get those natural breaks that are part of working in an office. Now everything from collaboration to socialization is happening in the digital space.

You know what they (whoever they are) say – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Give yourself regular wellness breaks away from screen time and technology to feel good and stay healthy.

Here are three easy ways to beat physical and mental fatigue while working from home.

  1. Take tech-free breaks - take your eyes off the screen to reduce eye strain, even if it's just walking to the kitchen.
  2. Get physical – take a minute to do some simple stretches to ease shoulder and back tightness.
  3. Limit ZOOM meeting time – set aside blocks of time when you are not available for video conferencing.

Anytime you can choose the physical option over digital, do it. So, take those breaks. Keep moving and be happy.