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Look no further if you’re needing car and truck insurance today.

Indigenous people have known the land that would become Winnipeg, Manitoba for thousands of years. Today, the city is the capital of the province of Manitoba and a destination for the arts, food and culture.

Your Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers Sage Creek branch in Winnipeg offers car and truck insurance, home insurance, business insurance and life insurance as well as many other products.

A proud supporter of our Western Communities Foundation charity, we assist young leaders via student bursaries, strengthen local infrastructure and lend a helping hand during crises.

Don’t miss the Manitoba Legislative building with the crowning Golden Boy statue.

Look no further if you’re needing car and truck insurance, home insurance and business insurance. Let our experts be your trusted source for motorcycle insurance, off road insurance and boat insurance etc.

With 11 locations across the city of Winnipeg, Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers has the proud distinction of being the city’s largest insurance broker and one of the largest brokerages in Manitoba.

At our Winnipeg branch, we have competitive rates and outstanding customer service. We’ll listen to your concerns and help you customize a policy that fits your needs today and as they change.

You’re at home with Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers.

Over 6,235 5-Star Reviews

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Western Financial Group is a proud member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba

What do I need to know about car insurance in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

What is basic Autopac car insurance?

When you buy car insurance, you must have a valid vehicle registration and get mandatory basic Autopac insurance from the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation.

Western Financial Group is authorized to sell Autopac policies.

Autopac insurance includes personal injury insurance, all-perils insurance, and third-party liability insurance.

Basic third-party liability coverage insures you up to $500,000 for claims that are made against you. You can get Autopac coverage to increase your third-party liability protection to $1 million, $2 million, $5 million, $7 million or $10 million.

You can also get higher liability limits through Special Risk Extension coverage.

How are my Autopac rates determined?

  • Your vehicle
  • Where you live
  • Your driving record

5 Questions about what can affect your car insurance rate

What do I need to know about home insurance in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Home insurance is not mandatory in Manitoba, but if you have a mortgage your lender will likely require you to have an insurance policy.

Home insurance helps you protect against:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Third- party “slip and fall” accidents
  • Vandalism

Without home insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying out of pocket for damages to your home and detached structures like your shed or garage.

Home insurance also covers your personal belongings and helps protect you should someone get injured at your home.

You’ll be protected and have peace of mind with home insurance in Winnipeg.

Did you know that your home insurance policy does not cover damages or accidents that happen due to you running your business at your Winnipeg home.

5 Questions about insuring your home business

Setting the Standard in Insurance Broker Service


Scarlet S.

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My husband and I had questions related to Vehicle Ownership and Transfer of Ownership. Lydia was VERY thorough, patient and went above and beyond to help relay information over the phone to family members involved. We really appreciated not being rushed and making sure our questions were answered. Lydia had a really pleasant attitude and were grateful for her help.

Melissa G.

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My partner and I recently moved to Manitoba from Alberta. We needed new drivers licenses and plates for our car. We had gone through the MPI website to find out what documents we needed, but we were woefully unprepared for what was ACTUALLY required. Then we meet Lee. She walked us through everything we needed to get. Helped us grab additional documentation from online sources. Patiently spent almost two hours answering all our questions, showing us the different options for insurance, and making sure we were 100% good to go. The move to Manitoba was stressful. Working with Lee to get some of our last paperwork sorted out was not. 5 stars. 10/10, would recommend to a friend.

Chuka A.

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@Navkamal Kaur This is to express my appreciation and commendation for your effort and service in getting me to understand benefits of the service I was procuring from the company for the first time. I recommend you request her audience when next you check in at the office at Sage Creek Winnipeg for any purchase or consultation. Keep up the excellent job Navkamal.