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What Anti-Theft Technology Does My New Car Have?

Remember to Check What Anti-Theft Technology Your New Car Has

Car security systems vary from vehicle to vehicle. So, it’s important to check what anti-theft technology your new car has before you buy it.

Here are 3 top tips to find out about your new car’s anti-theft technology:

Ask and check

How do I know if my car has an anti-theft device installed?

Ask your salesperson about what anti-theft technology your new car has.

Your vehicle’s manufacturing manual and website will include all the anti-theft devices.

Ask Your Western Financial Group car insurance expert about possible discounts for anti-theft technology features that your car has.

Simulate a break-in

If you’ve bought a new car or your used car only came with a factory key, you can simulate a car break-in to see if your car has a security system.

Roll down your car window, take the key out of the ignition, and get out of your car.

Using your key, lock your car doors, but keep the window rolled down. Then reach through the open car window to unlock the car and open the door.

If you have a security system, then you will hear the car alarm sound when you open the door. If you don’t hear an alarm, try again. If you still don’t hear an alarm, your car likely doesn’t have an alarm.

Anti-theft immobilizer system

Many new cars come fitted with an immobilizer, which is an anti-theft technology device.

When you start your car, the key or fob sends a code to the electronic code unit (ECU) that starts the engine. If a thief tries to steal your car by using an incorrect key, the immobilizer will activate and prevent the ECU from receiving the code. An immobilizer turns off one of the systems needed to start your car's engine, usually the gas supply or the ignition. Thieves can get around immobilizers, though.

What insurance do I need to protect my car against theft?

Comprehensive insurance covers car theft.

How do thieves use technology to steal newer cars?

Newer model cars give thieves more challenges due to their technology, but they can still get around it to steal your ride.

These include:

Relay theft: It uses two devices, a relay, and an amplifier, that trick car systems into thinking keys are close, allowing thieves to unlock the vehicle and drive it away.

Code breaking: It cracks the code on keys and uses a transmitter to open the car and start it.

Code cloning: Copies the key codes onto a cloned key

On-board diagnostics system breach: Uses a special device to steal information from this system to let thieves replicate keys.

How to prevent electronic theft: Put your fob in a signal blocking pouch or turn off your fob’s wireless signal.

Stay on top of tech updates for your car. Make sure your car is up to date with the newest software to address new theft threats.

What additional anti-theft devices can I buy for my new car?

  • Steering wheel lock
  • A hidden GPS
  • A keypad with a pass code
  • A kill switch
  • An after-market alarm that will go off if a thief disarms the car’s built-in alarm system.