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What Life Insurance Policy do You Need Right Now?

A young couple reviews life insurance policies on a laptop.

October 21, 2019. If you are financially responsible and want to do the best thing for yourself and your family, life insurance is a good bet, but it does depend on your current life stage.


Taking a life insurance policy can help children that are left behind in the event of death of a parent or provider. Life insurance is not just a way to ensure that our dependents flourish, it can also be a way to accumulate savings from which our children can occasionally draw to fund complicated life stages, such as educational costs or temporary loss of income.

Single Individuals

Life insurance doesn’t necessarily have to be for families, and couples. Individuals may seek to take out a life insurance policy to ensure that their assets the leave behind in their estate are not compromised by debt they may have incurred. A life insurance policy may help to maintain the value of the estate, to ensure the estate is not surrendered to a financial institution.

Couples Without Children

If both partners are employed, life insurance can provide some security for the partner that is left behind if a death occurs. Maintaining a lifestyle based on two incomes, is difficult on one income. A life insurance in this case can help to maintain the standard and quality of lifestyle that one has become accustomed to.

The Debt-Ridden and Those with Mortgage Loans

This is another category for which life insurance is almost essential. If you die while you are in debt, your creditors can claim their money back from your estate. This means that your family may not benefit from your insurance policy pay out. If your life is insured, your creditors will still claim from your estate, but the payout from your life insurance policy belongs to your beneficiaries, and is thereby beyond your creditors.

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