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What does off-road vehicle insurance cover?

What is off-road vehicle insurance?

After you leave your property, your homeowners’ insurance does not provide much coverage for your off-road vehicle, such as a snowmobile, golf cart or ATV. Your vehicle insurance probably will not cover you if you take your car off road.

Do you need off-road vehicle insurance?

If you have an off-road vehicle or take your car off roading, you need off-road vehicle insurance to cover you if there is an accident.

Off-road vehicles require insurance by law. For example, in BC, there is a minimum insurance requirement of $200,000 liability.

Types of vehicles off-road vehicle insurance covers

Off-road vehicle insurance can insure:

  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Snow bikes
  • Home builts
  • Trikes and three wheelers
  • Dune buggies
  • Golf carts
  • Property damage

What does off-road vehicle insurance cover?

Property damage liability coverage can cover repairs to another person’s property if it is damaged in an accident involving your off-road vehicle.

  • Bodily injury

Bodily injury liability coverage may help with someone else’s medical bills if you are found liable for the accident they were injured in.

  • Collision coverage

Collision coverage may help cover the cost of repairing damage to your vehicle from a collision.

  • Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage insures your off-road vehicle for damage caused by circumstances other than a collision, such as theft or hail.

  • Accident benefit coverage

If you are injured in an off-road vehicle accident, the costs associated with your injury will be covered regardless of who was at fault.

How does off-road vehicle insurance work?

Make sure to read your policy and understand how it works so you are prepared if you do need to use it.

  • Know your coverage limits

Get a policy that has coverage limits that work for you.

  • Know what your deductible is

Before insurance will help pay for a claim, you will have to pay your deductible. Choose a policy that has a deductible that is reasonable for you.

  • Ask for discounts

You may qualify for a discount on off-road vehicle insurance if you are a member of a club or already have another policy through your insurer.

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