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100 Mile House

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Winnipeg (Saint Anne's)

Insurance Broker


Phone: 204-255-2653
Fax: 204-255-3751

Mon-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

About Winnipeg (Saint Anne's) Branch

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and the province’s most populated city with approximately 705,200 residents. The city is named after nearby Lake Winnipeg, which has had an important place in the city’s culture and heritage for centuries.

Our Winnipeg (Saint Anne's) brokerage team can offer you policies for car and truck insurance, home insurance, business insurance, farm insurance and life insurance. We have access to many other superior products and are dedicated to helping you find the best insurance in Winnipeg.

Look no further if you’re needing car and truck insurance today. When it comes to home insurance and business insurance, we offer the right protection. Our experts are also your trusted source for farm insurance and life insurance.

At Western’s Winnipeg (Saint Anne's) brokerage, we have competitive rates and outstanding customer service. We’ll listen to your concerns and help you customize a policy that fits your needs today and as they change.

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