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Winter's coming. Winterize your home with Western's help

As Canadians, we know the bright spots and challenges winter weather can present. We, as Western Financial Group, have provided tips for you to properly winterize your home against the cold. Homeowners should take steps inside and outside of their houses to safeguard their property.

Quick tips to safeguard your home’s interior

  • Check your furnace filter each month and change it based on manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Know that your heat is working and will operate as it should when the cold strikes.
  • Homeowners should run water regularly through all fixtures to avoid pipes freezing and bursting. But, problems can and still occur even under the best maintenance schedule.
  • Test your plumbing shut-off valves. Learn where your primary water main is. This is important in case you must turn either of these off.
  • Keep the garage door closed for safety and to protect any pipes in the uninsulated space.
  • Seal windows with caulking around the trim to prevent drafts. You’ll save on heating bills.
  • Ensure your chimney is free from debris and a fireplace screen is in place.
  • Alarms, both fire and carbon monoxide, must be in proper working order.

Outside jobs to protect your home

  • Drain and store your hose before the snow flies. Pipes near uninsulated walls should be wrapped in protective sleeves.
  • ‘Ice-dams’ form on roofs’ eaves when rapidly melting snow fails to drain away from the home and freezes. The issue is made worse by more snow and subsequent thaws. Ice forces its way into cracks and can cause extensive damage. Water repellent roofs, well-insulated attics and gutters free of debris—cleaned in the fall—can prevent a buildup of ice.
  • Front steps and sidewalks must be clear of ice and snow.
  • Branches close to your home or electricity wires should be maintained and trimmed.
  • Close inside valves for outside taps. Open the valve outside and drain lines. Close outside tap.
  • For underground sprinklers, ensure the lines have been drained as well to prevent freezing.
  • If you have a rain barrel, it must be disconnected from downspout and drained.

Thousands of Canadians across the country winterize their homes as part of their fall tradition. By doing so, they’re warm and cozy inside when the temperature drops. Fewer worries about your home mean you can enjoy winter’s chill.