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5 Easy Tips to Improve Bad Driving Habits

5 Easy Tips to Improve Bad Driving Habits

Don’t get comfortable with your bad habits behind the wheel. Bad driving habits can increase the risk of accidents.

There’s always room to improve how you drive. It can save lives.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you become a safer driver:

1.Don’t get distracted: Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents, so it's important to avoid anything that takes your attention away from the road. This includes texting, talking on the phone, eating, or adjusting the radio. If you need to use your phone, pull over to a safe place first.

2. Obey speed limits: Speeding is a risk factor for passenger vehicle fatalities. Slow down in bad weather, and be aware of speed limits in residential areas and school zones

3. Obey traffic signals: Running red lights and stop signs is a major cause of accidents. Wait your turn at intersections.

4. Leave enough space: Tailgating, or following too closely behind another vehicle, is dangerous. It can reduce your ability to react if the car in front of you suddenly stops.

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least one car length for every 10 mph you're traveling.

5. Plan ahead: Give yourself enough time to get to your destination. This can help reduce the stress of driving and the temptation to speed to get to where you are going. Also, pay attention to the weather so that you have enough time to safely get to your destination.

With these simple changes to your driving habits, you can help keep yourself and others on the road safe.