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5 Things to Know About ICBC Coverage for Occasional Drivers

5 Things to Know About ICBC Coverage for Occasional Drivers

Can friends and family borrow your car? Does your ICBC insurance cover them? What happens when there’s an accident?

Here are 5 questions answered about how your ICBC insurance covers other drivers.

  1. Does my ICBC insurance cover someone else driving my car?

Yes, your ICBC insurance will cover someone else driving your car, but ICBC requires that you list all potential drivers, whether secondary or occasional, on your policy. Once listed, these individuals are covered under your policy.

There is also some coverage available for unlisted drivers, but it may be subject to a penalty.

  1. Whose ICBC insurance is affected if a secondary or occasional driver has an insurance claim with your car?

In the event of a claim, the person driving at the time of the claim will be affected. For example, if a friend borrows, drives, and then gets into an accident with your car, then your friend’s insurance would be impacted – but only if they are listed on your policy. Otherwise, you could incur a penalty as a result.

  1. If someone borrows my car, what documents should they have to prove permission to drive it?

There are no special permission documents needed to lend your car to a friend. As long as the friend has a valid driver’s license along with the vehicle registration and insurance papers in your car, they have everything needed.

  1. Would a second driver affect my premium?

In British Columbia, 75% of the rate is based on the primary driver’s driving record, with the other 25% based on the secondary driver with the lowest discount. Other secondary drivers can be listed on the policy but do not impact your rate.

  1. Do I need to keep my insurance advisor up to date on who is driving my car?

If you have household drivers who aren’t listed on your policy, then you could be hit with a fairly high penalty or risk having your claim denied.

Be sure to classify a friend or family member as a secondary driver if you know that they will be driving your car during the policy term.