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Condo insurance that’s right for you

Searching online for condo insurance coverage? You have come to the right place. We have options to provide exactly what you need. Our licensed brokers in British Columbia are available to help you understand each coverage.

Condo insurance protects owners

Your strata’s insurance policy protects them from liability as well as damage to the common areas/the building’s structure. As unit owners, you will only be protected under your own condo insurance policy — not the strata’s insurance. Speak to a Western expert about contents, personal liability coverage and additional living expenses for your condo or townhouse today. Renters insurance is available as well.

Coverage for your belongings explained

Your belongings — your appliances, your TVs, your couches, all the content of your residence — are covered under your condo, townhouse policy on the basis of old-for-new. Any personal treasures of yours such as jewelry, etc, can be scheduled on your policy for proper coverage.

The benefits of a licensed insurance broker at Western

As Western Financial Group, Canada’s Insurance Broker, we’ve spent years providing people the right expertise they need for their condo insurance. Our licensed teams are trained, knowledgeable and able to help you with your insurance now and as your life changes. We access a wide suite of insurance products from Canada’s top insurance providers to best place your coverage.

Our insurance brokers provide the right condo insurance wherever you live in British Columbia. We’re the licensed insurance experts you need serving downtown Vancouver, Cambie, Langley and Burnaby.

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Frequently asked questions:


Why do I need condo insurance if my strata/condo corporation already has a policy?

It’s often mistakenly assumed that you, as a condo owner, are covered under your buildings’ master insurance policy. A personal insurance policy for your condo or townhouse in British Columbia will cover your contents, your unit (including any enhancements or betterments), your personal liability, as well as additional living expenses. Ensure you have a copy of your strata’s up-to-date master insurance policy. Western Financial Group insurance brokers are trained in the ins and outs of condo insurance and will assist you in avoiding gaps between your personal coverage and the strata’s.

Am I covered for improvements and betterments under the strata’s master policy?

No, unfortunately any improvements or betterments that you, or a prior owner of the unit has made, will not be covered under the strata’s master insurance policy. Yet, this is a key coverage that you are able to receive as part of your personal insurance policy. This is another reason why having your own coverage is so vitally important as a condo owner.