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Home insurance protects your home and its contents in the event of fire, theft, vandalism, or weather-related damage. It also provides liability coverage if someone is hurt on your property.

Why you may need it

  • Your home is your single biggest asset. If it is damaged or destroyed, can you afford to repair or replace your home and its contents?
  • Most banks and lenders require proof of home insurance before they will lend you money to buy a home.
  • If someone is hurt on your property and launches a lawsuit, you could find yourself facing financial hardship.

What you need to know

  • Home insurance is not one size fits all. Among the many factors that affect home insurance policies are size and age of the home and even location.
  • A broker has the experience to determine the cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss.
  • You can buy insurance for condominiumsmobile homesseasonal properties and rental properties.

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