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5 Fast Facts about Food and Beverage Manufacturing Insurance

5 Fast Facts about Food and Beverage Manufacturing Insurance

You provide food, snacks and drinks. Consumers count on them to be safe, fresh, and tasty for every purchase they make.

As a food or beverage manufacturer, you need to be protected with the right insurance package for potential problems and liabilities in your industry.

Here are 5 fast facts that you need to know about a food and beverage manufacturing insurance package:

  1. Commercial Liability Insurance (CGL): It covers claims made against your food or beverage processing plant for injuries or accidents that occur on your premises, such as a customer slipping and falling. The usual minimum required in CGL is at least $2 million in coverage and large operations would require more.

CGL may also include product liability insurance, which is necessary for you as a food and beverage producer. This covers you for claims or legal action against you for any food or beverage item you manufacture, distribute, or sell.

  1. Product Recall Insurance: This helps you recover the cost of recalling products that pose health risks to consumers due to a defect, whether the recall is voluntary or ordered by a government or regulatory agency. Product recall insurance helps cover your such things as disposal and restocking costs.
  1. Commercial Property Insurance: It covers damage to your plant’s physical property, such as the building, equipment, and furniture. It also provides coverage for your property if you experience damage or loss because of theft or vandalism.
  1. Equipment Breakdown Insurance: It covers machinery from costs associated with electronic or mechanical malfunctions, such as a refrigeration unit breaking down suddenly or accidentally due to an insured peril.
  1. Cyber Liability Insurance: It helps you deal with a cyberattack, data breach, phishing, or ransomware attack. This type of insurance can help recover stolen data and repair damaged computers and networks, and it can help restore stolen customer information.

Canada has more than 7,800 food and beverage manufacturing and processing companies. It’s the second-largest manufacturing industry in the country in terms of the value of production.