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Home insurance that’s right for you

Searching online for the right home insurance coverage? You have come to the right place. We have options to provide exactly what you need. Our licensed brokers in British Columbia will help you understand each coverage. Whether you rent or own your home, we offer you insurance that fits.

Renter’s insurance explained

Your belongings — your appliances, your TVs, your couches, all the content of your residence— are covered under your renter’s policy on the basis of old-for-new. Any personal treasures of yours such as jewelry, etc, can be scheduled on your policy for proper coverage.

Guaranteed replacement made easy

Let’s start with the basics. We want to insure your house so that it is 100 per cent covered. British Columbia homeowners, your property — the walls, roof and everything in it — will be protected from fire, theft, vandalism and a variety of other hazards. As well, you’ll receive liability coverage protecting you anywhere in the world.

Insurance expertise when you need us

Our insurance brokers are ready to help you with your insurance needs now and as your life changes. If you’re looking for licensed experts with years of industry experience, our team is right for you.

Our insurance brokers will provide you the right home insurance wherever you live in British Columbia. Whether you own or rent your residence, we’re the licensed insurance experts you need serving Victoria, Vancouver and 37 other communities (Kelowna, Prince George, Fort St. John etc).

Talk to our team about your unique insurance needs today.

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Frequently asked questions:


How much insurance do I need as a homeowner?

You need enough to cover the cost to rebuild your entire house in the event it is completely destroyed in an insured loss. Your home should be insured to 100 per cent of its replacement value.

Is home insurance mandatory?

Home insurance is not mandatory, yet if you have a mortgage, it will almost certainly be a condition of your mortgage that you have insured the property.

I own my own home; How do I know that I’m properly insured?

You will know you are insured to the right amount if you provided your insurance broker with a full and accurate picture of your home. You’ve got the right square footage, the age of your roof (what it’s made out of etc.) All of those details factor into the replacement cost that our evaluators generate.

My landlord has renter’s insurance; am I covered under that?

When it comes to renter’s insurance, your landlord’s policy only provides coverage for the building you live in and their own property. Your contents will not be covered under it; having your own renter’s policy is very important. Our experts are trained in renter’s insurance across multiple provinces and have years of experience insuring people and families like yours.

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