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How to Get Your Kids Back into a School Routine

How to Get Your Kids Back into a School Routine

It is that time of year again – time for a back-to-school routine!

Here’s how to ease your kids into it and make it feel new.

Get a routine as soon as possible

Back-to-school will be much easier if you get your kids used to a routine early. If you can, ease them into as soon as you can, ideally before they’re settled into school.

Talk to your kids about their new back-to-school routine

Communicating effectively with your kids is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Let them know it is almost time for their new back-to-school routine. For example, tell them how many sleeps are left before school starts and that you will help them adjust by waking them up earlier each day and making dinner and bedtime earlier.

Get your kids used to waking up early

Wake your kids up a little earlier each day. You can just open their door and blinds and let the hustle and bustle of the house wake them up.

Go for a walk in the morning

Take your kids for a walk right after breakfast. This introduces sunlight early and lets their bodies know it is morning. It also helps them get used to leaving the house early.

Make dinner earlier

Start eating dinner at the same time it will be during the school year. This makes your kids’ schedule predictable and makes an early bedtime easier.

The night before school starts

Do as much as possible the night before the new school year starts to make the morning easier.

Pack their backpack and lay out their clothes

Help your kids choose an outfit for their first day to give them a feeling of control when they start their new routine. Helping them pack their bag will help them feel prepared, even if they do not need everything on their first day.

On the first day of school

Leaving the house in a rush can be frustrating for both kids and parents. Keep your children organized and stay positive.

Use a visual time for younger kids

Young children might not know how long 5 or 15 minutes is, so use a visual timer to help them understand how much time they have to get ready. Visual timers show time through contrasting colors and give children an idea of how much time they have. Use the timer all morning, for example, for getting dressed, eating, and brushing their teeth.

Be supportive

A schedule change can be tiring and emotional, so show your kids support. Acknowledge their feelings without dwelling on the negatives and let them know the transition period is not forever.

Make back-to-school new

Chances are that if you are getting your kids used to a back-to-school routine this year, you already did it last year. Do what was the most successful last year but try to make it new and interesting. Use some of these tips for making back-to-school fun!

Have a back-to-school breakfast

Make your kids a special back-to-school-themed breakfast on their first day of school. Get creative and make pencil- or apple- shaped pancakes or fruit.

Have a back-to-school photo shoot

Take pictures of your kids in their back-to-school outfits and show them the photos next year on their first day.

Help your kids make a personalized backpack

Help your kids choose a new backpack and decorate it. They can use markers, fabric paint, stickers, or anything else that gets their creativity flowing.

Do an autobiography project

Get older kids to write an autobiography or journal starting on their first day of school. Keeping it going throughout the year helps them reflect on their school year.