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About Pembroke Branch

The city of Pembroke in Ontario has nearly 14,000 residents and is the administrative seat of Renfrew County. With its origins as a police village, a form of municipal governance in the mid-19th century, the settlement was formally established in 1858 and became the city we know in 1971.

Our heritage is our story and the Champlain Trail Pioneer Village and Museum thrills travelers to Pembroke. Our ability to harness electricity from rivers is told at the Murray L. Moore Hydro Museum.

Located at the confluence of the Muskrat River and the Ottawa River and situated northwest of Ottawa, our city in the heart of the Ottawa Valley has access to the outdoors, sports and heritage murals.

A hockey town, we’re great fans of the Pembroke Lumber Kings. Yes, we’re proud of our association with the Hockey Hall of Fame and our inductees, Frank Nighbor, Harry Cameron and Hugh Lehmen.

Western Financial Group brokers on Pembroke Street (formerly MC Carroll Insurance Brokers) offer car and truck insurance, home insurance, business insurance, travel insurance, seasonal property, farm insurance and recreational vehicle insurance etc.

We have access to many other superior products, including affordable group insurance plans. We are dedicated to finding you the best insurance solutions in Pembroke, Ontario.

Look no further if you’re needing car and truck insurance today. Plus, when it comes to home insurance and business insurance, we offer the right protection. Our expert brokers are also your trusted source for farm insurance and seasonal property (cottage) insurance.

At Western’s Pembroke brokerage, we have competitive rates and serve outstanding customer care. You can be assured all our insurance brokers are fully-licensed experts.

It’s our mission to advocate and negotiate on your behalf with all major insurance companies. By investigating all options, we, in turn, provide you an optimized insurance solution that fits your needs.

We have been a mainstay of the insurance community in Petawawa and Pembroke for decades, and our goal is to remain so for many decades more. Come and experience the Western Financial Group difference for yourself. Our expert brokers are just a call, click or branch visit away.

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Western Financial Group is a proud member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

What do I need to know about car insurance in Pembroke, Ontario?

As a resident of Ontario, you need mandatory car insurance coverage that protects you, your passengers, and other drivers.

Under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act of Ontario, it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle that is not insured.

There are four types of car insurance that are legally required in Ontario:

  • Third-party Liability Coverage: You must have a minimum of $200,000 in third-party liability coverage as part of your mandatory car insurance. It’s highly recommended that you purchase a higher limit. It protects you if someone is killed or injured, or their property is damaged, and you are found to be legally liable.
  • Statutory Accidents Benefits Coverage: It provides you with benefits if you are injured in an accident, no matter who is found to be responsible. It includes supplementary medical, rehabilitation and attendant care, caregiver, non-earner and income replacement benefits, and there are options to increase most of these coverages.
  • Direct Compensation- Property Damage (DCPD) Coverage:       It covers damage to your car or its contents, and for the loss of use of your car or its contents, if another person was at fault for the accident. It is called direct compensation because even though someone else causes the damage, you collect directly from your own insurer.

Insurance coverage under the DCPD section only applies if the following conditions are met: The accident took place in Ontario and there was at least one other vehicle involved in the accident. At least one of the other vehicles is insured by an insurance company licensed in Ontario.

  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage: It protects you and your family if you are injured or killed by a hit-and-run driver or by an uninsured motorist. It covers damage to your car caused by an identified uninsured driver.

5 Questions about mandatory car insurance in Ontario

What do I need to know about home insurance in Pembroke, Ontario?

Home insurance is not mandatory in Ontario, but if you have a mortgage your lender will likely require you to have an insurance policy.

Home insurance helps you protect against:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Third- party “slip and fall” accidents
  • Vandalism

Without home insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying out of pocket for damages to your home and detached structures like your shed or garage.

Home insurance also covers your personal belongings and helps protect you should someone get injured at your Pembroke home.

You’ll be protected and have peace of mind with home insurance in Pembroke.

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Laura Meier

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Start your insurance shopping here! Competitive prices, friendly service and local!

Ashley Whalen

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Not many people enjoy purchasing insurance but this office does a great job of making the process as nice as possible. I recommend this team to everyone!

Parama Umbara

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A+ service when I got my travel insurance done recently. Everything went smoothly and the team is very knowledgeable in their fields.