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Western's focus on people, growth, and social responsibility propels the industry and organization forward

The insurance industry is evolving rapidly, and Western Financial Group President and CEO, Kenny Nicholls, is hopeful and excited about the future for brokers and consumers. What stands out to the CEO? A focus on people, strategy, and community.

“The pandemic showed us that staying agile is key for our customers and people,” Nicholls says. “The next three to five years look to be promising for our industry.

As an organization, we need to prioritize the unique needs of our customers and team members at every turn.”

New technologies, weather events, and finding proper coverage for harder-to-place risks are driving industry change. Consolidation continues to be a hot industry trend as smaller brokers consider succession planning opportunities. Customers are looking for more options for their insurance, and those choices need to be convenient.

“It is no secret that some risks are getting harder to place,” says Nicholls. “We have an amazing team of professionals here, and we are embracing opportunities to grow and confronting challenges with our people, customers, and communities by our side.”

Open to Opportunities

As the industry shifts, Western Financial Group is looking for opportunities to expand into new markets, attracting new customers through diverse insurance offerings and the flexibility to choose how customers connect with us.

Even in times of transition, there are opportunities for brokerages and their brokers to grow within the industry. Acquisition has made Western Financial the organization it is today and remains a significant area of interest.

Angie Elliott’s offices in Ontario joined the Western family just a few years ago.

“Western provides a chance to work with a dynamic and knowledgeable team, and they provide team members with support, opportunity, an amazing benefits package, and competitive salaries,” Elliott says. “I was a broker when we joined Western, and I am now in a management position.”

“Western is the national broker with a local touch,” she says. “We have put money back into our community as bursaries to students, donations to foodbanks, supporting our local hospital, and so much more.”

People, Customer, and Community

As Western looks towards the future, the emphasis on people remains. Taking action in times of uncertainty is crucial to the organization’s success. Western provides stability for team members and continues to achieve strong results while staying true to their three-year plan.

Kenny Nicholls emphasizes the importance of maintaining a people-focused business that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

“We can have all the latest and greatest technology, but it’s our people and relationships that make us who we are,” says Nicholls. “We want our team members and our customers taken care of, because without them, we have nothing.”

Western’s focus on their people, customers, and communities is something that has endured since day one.

“Our commitment to our communities through our Western Financial Group Communities Foundation remains stronger than ever,” Nicholls says. “We find new and innovative ways to be part of the communities where we operate, and we encourage our people to be involved in their communities. It’s just part of who we are as an organization.”

Currently, Western is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its charitable Foundation with 20 Weeks of Giving.

Western is also fostering a more inclusive workplace, where all feel welcomed to share their expertise and unique perspectives.

“We are always looking for new talent, and we want to ensure that we are welcoming people with open arms while acknowledging where we have work to do in this space,” Nicholls continues. “We are constantly learning, and we want to continue to challenge the status quo and ensure everyone here feels welcomed.”

“I think we have so much to celebrate and look forward to,” says Lisa Osachoff, Chief People and Culture Officer, Western Financial Group. “We are so excited to have our people and customers stand beside us. Western is a growing organization, and we face challenges head-on. As an organization, we’ve continued to take care of our people, and that won’t change.”