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Rely on local authorities after a flood

You can experience a water event at any time of the year, which is usually caused by heavy rainfall, or ice melt, resulting in high water that overflows the natural banks along a stream. Water events are rated on time intervals, “10-year,” “50-years,” and so on, which are based on statistics, the larger the year the higher the consequences. Water events can damage and move parts of structures, which can make entering back into your home dangerous. Below are some points to consider ensuring your safety after an event.

After a water event, stay safe

Personal safety is always the highest priority when entering any building that was previously damaged by water.

  • Check for structural damage before entering. If you see damage, have a structural engineer or qualified restorative specialist assess the damage prior to entering.
  • If you suspect a gas leak leave the building immediately.
  • Once you’re certain that it is safe to go inside, check the ceiling for sagging. Water may have penetrated the dry wall causing this to become a hazard, take caution.
  • Confirm that the electricity is turned off.
  • Turn off the water if you have not done so yet.

Rely on your local authorities

Identify people and sources that you can rely on after the water event.

  • To learn more, City planning departments and websites are always a good place to start.
  • Trust credible sources, such as new outlets and government website for updates in your area.
  • The Red Cross and other non-government organizations, such as your local radio broadcaster may have additional insights.

Get in touch

An insurance expert will confirm coverages once a claim and policies have been reviewed.

  • Call your broker and update your contact information to ensure they can reach you.
  • Your trusted insurance broker will report the claim to the insurer.
  • Your insurer may ask for the completion of a Schedule of Loss, so, keep a list of the damaged contents.
  • Hang onto all receipts, as always, and new ones if you have had to fix something in your house due to damages, this is not a promise of coverage, however, a good start.

If you have been affected by a recent water event, safety is our number one priority. Our dedicated teams are ready to assist you, if you have a question or need to submit a claim, please reach out through one of the following options: Email: info@westernfinancialgroup.ca, Toll free: 1-866-245-2779, After-hours claims emergency: 1-877-599-7299