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Tenant Insurance in Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Are you renting an apartment, a townhouse, a condo unit, or a house in Fredericton?

The best way to protect your clothes, furniture, and all your belongings is with tenant insurance.

Our tenant insurance experts at Western Financial Group will make sure that you get the right tenant insurance for your Fredericton rental that covers what’s important to you.  

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Looking for Tenant Insurance in Fredericton?

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Top 3 reasons why you need tenant insurance

Protect what is yours

Your Fredericton landlord’s home insurance does not cover your belongings as a tenant. What does tenant insurance cover?

  • Someone getting injured in your apartment
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Your belongings
  • Typically covers some water damage such as toilet, washer, tub overflows.

Tenant insurance does not cover a sewer backup. Sewer backup insurance is a coverage extension that you would add to your tenant policy.

You are responsible for damages and liability in your rental

As a renter in Fredericton, you are legally responsible for damages you might cause in your apartment, to the rest of the building or in common areas.

If your unattended dish on the stove, for example, causes fire damage to your apartment and the neighbour’s apartment, the damages that others can claim from you in court can be expensive.

A basic liability policy on your tenant insurance will cover you for $1 million, and you can also increase your liability limit to $2 million if you wish.

What if you have rowdy roommates?

If you co-rent with others, only those listed on the tenant insurance policy would be covered in the event of a claim.

If you co-rent with smokers, partiers or people who may be irresponsible, you need to insure your belongings against the damages they may cause.

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Did you know that...

When making a claim, you should have receipts and photos of your belongings to show that you own them.

Your Fredericton landlord may ask you for proof of insurance as a condition of renting in New Brunswick.

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At Western Financial Group, we know how important your Fredericton rental and your belongings are to you.    

If you’re a renter, contact us and see how you can save on your tenant insurance in Fredericton.

Get a discount when you bundle your renter’s insurance with your car insurance.

You’ll be protected and have peace of mind with Western’s tenant insurance in FrederictonSaint JohnMoncton, and Dieppe, or wherever you are in New Brunswick.