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Whether your company has five vehicles, a fleet of more than a hundred vehicles, service rigs or any other vehicles which operate on public roadways, you will be required by law to hold a minimum level of insurance.

Western Financial Group offers expertise in Fleet Insurance, Prorate Accounts and Garage Policies. Our comprehensive knowledge of these products allows us to help keep you ahead of the curve. We value your business and we’re here to get you the right products in place for your company.

Our licensed teams keep their knowledge up-to-date as insurance is always changing — we’re committed to understanding any changes in the insurance industry and how they can affect you and your business.

For more information on fleet insurance, we have experts across our network. Contact your local Western insurance broker today to learn more.

What you need to know about Fleet/Garage/ Prorate Insurance

  • Fleet policies are for individuals or companies with 5 or more powered units operated on public roadways.
  • Some points of discussion will include the area in which you operate (Canada, USA), type of cargo, equipment, long-haul transportation activities, number, type and use of vehicles. These details help us zero in on the coverage that best fits your needs.
  • By law you’re required to hold a minimum amount of insurance. Each provincial jurisdiction has different legal requirements — we’ll match your policy to where you live and work.
  • Our professionals also deal with Prorate Accounts. We are able to help answer your inquiries about jurisdictional requirements and licensing fees in the areas in which you operate.
  • Businesses that have care, custody or control of customers or non-owned vehicles may be required to have a garage policy in place and can be customized to meet the business needs

Advantages to working with our Western team in British Columbia

For our British Columbia customers; our Cranbrook and Fernie teams specialize in Fleet Insurance, Garage Policies and Prorate Accounts. We know you’re busy – so let us help you.

We strive to streamline the process and deliver value.  We understand that things can be time sensitive, so we are committed to quick turnaround time.

We have certified experts who are licensed in fleet asset, fuel, maintenance management and risk mitigation.

Call or visit our brokers to learn more about our Enhanced Fleet Services and other benefits we offer.