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We’re the responsive insurance experts you’re looking for in Lethbridge.

You’re in good hands with Western Financial Group’s branch on Mayor Magrath Drive. We’re local and as your licensed car insurance pros, we know how important it is for you to understand your coverage.

That means helping you with all the terms and providing answers to any of your questions. As insurance brokers, it’s our job to have you know your policy inside and out.

Trust us to care for any and all of your car insurance requirements in and around Lethbridge. Plus, if you’re looking for commercially rated car and farm insurance solutions, you’re covered with Western.

“Our number one priority is that you’re protected,” Kelsie Bowen Preete, our branch manager, said.

Talk to us about options for luxury and classic cars as well, including vehicle replacement insurance and vehicle depreciation. Roadside assistance and glass coverage — count on us for the benefits you need.

“We’re always open and honest with our customers and we work to ensure they’re aware what coverages are available to them and what those features do,” she said.

Car insurance basics from your Lethbridge brokers

It covers damages to someone else’s property or bodily injury you may have caused, and damage to your vehicle from another vehicle, a fixed object, fire, theft, vandalism and weather-related events.

You are also required by law to hold a minimum of car and truck insurance for Alberta. If you’re looking to make any changes to your vehicle (ie. making a purchasing decision), speak to your broker today.

Learn more about our broker location in Lethbridge, Alberta today.